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Our Product:

What it’s for: Our application, “My Own Medical Info”, makes dealing with healthcare professionals a lot easier – not to mention less dangerous. Find Out More

Hardware Agnostic Design: By running on the world’s most common virtual platform (a web browser), it doesn’t matter whether you own a Windows, Mac, or Linux-based system.

Reliable Data Access: By using both app-embedded data and HTML5 local storage, your data is always YOURS. No Internet connection is needed to access your data.

Better Than a Traditional Web App

No Subscription needed: No registration is required and we keep none of your data. You can just ignore us forever after downloading the app.

No Internet access required: You can store your app and data anywhere you like – a USB thumb drive, local hard disk, or LAN server. Of course, you can also keep an online copy with services like OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox.

Fast, Reliable Startup: When you load an app from a local drive you don’t have to share Internet bandwidth with anybody. The app and all your data will load almost the instant you click “Open”.

Better Than a Traditional Desktop App

No installation needed: If you have a current copy of Chrome or FireFox, you’re good to go.

No data files: When you do a “Save Page” in the browser, your data is saved with the app.

Familiar interface: If you know how to browse the web with a mouse, you can use our apps.

Same version for Mac, Windows, and Linux: Your app/data file should run on any desktop or notebook that has a Chrome or FireFox web browser.

Product Summary:
My Own Medical Info - Software that could save your life

OK, while it could save your life, hopefully you never end up in that type of situation. Mostly, it will just make your life a lot easier. Here’s some of what it can do:

  • Give Ambulance and Emergency room staff the data they need for fast, accurate treatment.
  • Let you easily fill out the “medical autobiography” requested by doctors on your first visit.
  • Make sure your doctors don’t specify duplicate or conflicting treatments.
  • Avoid repeatedly explaining every medical detail to nurses and other caregivers.
  • Keep your information portable, accessible, private, and easily updated.
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